Conversational Italian,Leson 2

Section 3- Plural Nouns

As we have Learned in the previous lesson , Italian Nouns fall into three categories called declensions- meaning their ending change to indicate both gender and number

Declensions Gender Singular Ending Plural Ending
First Mesculine o i
Second Femine a e
Third Either e i

Let's see how the nouns we've learned in this lesson fir into these categories.

Singular Declension Gender Plural
occhio(eye) First Declension Mesculine occhi(eyes)
nase(nose) Second Declension Mesculine nasi(noses)
dente(tooth) Third Declension Mesculine denti(teeth)
mento(chin) First Declension Mesculine menti(chins)
gunacia(cheek) Second Declension Femine gunacie(cheeks)