Conversational italian, Lesson 1


Click-Nav Menu

The left column contains a Menu which allows you to navigate quickly between the different Sections in this Lesson. Also available from this Menu is the pop-up Reference — a comprehensive collection of grammar concepts and rules.

Main Screen

The center column represents the course's Main Screen. Forward and Backward buttons are used to Navigate through the course, one page at a time.

Note Pad

The light column contains the Note Pad, a place to practice typing Italian words, Please note that text entered into the Note Pad is not saved.

Red Play Button

A Red Play Button indicates interactive audio. Click the Play Red Button (or assosiated word(s)) to listen to the audio.

Optional Voice Recorder

If you have access to a recording device. it can be helpful In you as you're learning Italian. Try recording yourself pronouncing words, then compare them lo the audio provided in this lesson.

Optional Reference Materials

We also offer The Kaso English to Italian Dictionary and The Kaso Verb Conjugation System, both available at