The History of Sicily

Self Test

  • 1. Which of the following were not among Sicily’s earliest cultures?
  • 2. During the Second Sicilian War, Segesta fought:
  • 3. Thucydides believed the Elymians were:
  • 4. Polyphemus, who appears in the Odyssey, was a:
  • 5. Which of the following remained independent until after the Second Punic War?
  • 6. The Normans came to Italy at the invitation of the:
  • 7. The Cathedral of Monreale was founded by:
  • 8. Frederick II was both King of Sicily and:
  • 9. The Treaty of Utrecht:
  • 10. Victor Emanuel wanted Garibaldi to capture the Neapolitan army intact to help fight against:
  • 11. The Veneto was added to the Kingdom of Italy in:
  • 12. Verismo is: