The italian Frogmen

Self Test

  • 1. The newly-designed re-breather by the 10th Light Flotilla allowed the frogmen to move:
  • 2. In World War I, which navy dominated the Adriatic Sea?
  • 3. Developed by the Italians,E-boats were used in World War I and II.What does the "E" stand for?
  • 4. D'Annunzio delivered propaganda material to which captial city?
  • 5. Who was both a commander of Submarines and of the 10th Light Flotilla?
  • 6. Human torpedo boats were driven by frogmen who sat.
  • 7. What country controlled Gibraltar and Malta?
  • 8. The last frogman battle was against which vessel?
  • 9. Where did Mussolini meet with Borghese and Denti?
  • 10. Where is Borghese buried?