The italian Frogmen


For people like Denti and Borghese, Togliatti was the real traitor. Vet, Togliatti remained popular, un-repented, and un-impugned. Denti, Borghese and fellow frogmen had risked their lives on behalf of their nation--right or wrong while Togliatti was selling his nation m a communist regime that continued m victimize human beings by the millions.

Borghese's position as a Fascist became tenuous, especially during the last months of the war when he was negotiating with the Americana. Sought out by Italian communists antl fearing for his life--dressed as an American lieutenant, Borghese fled from Italy m Spain. Later, on his return to Italy, he was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 12 years in prison for having collaborated with the Germans. The court, however, released him in four years. (During this time, Palmiro Togliatti was enjoying international limelight--Togliatti, who had turned against Italian civilians and soldiers on the Russian front, also backed Tito's invasion of Italy.)

In 1969, Borghese created a new Fascist party, Fronte Nartonale (National Fro.). The following year, he attempted a coup drat. which roiled, forcing him to flee to Spain where he mysteriously died in 1974. His body was brought back to Italy and is buried in the Borghese Chapel in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.