The italian Frogmen

The Last Battle

As Dentl and fellow frogmen (with their MTM speed boats laden with explosives) patrolled the waters near the French border, in the area of Ventimiglia and San Remo, suddenly there appeared convoy of four ships-fast-moving corvette-type war ships, the largest being the torpedo boat La Trornbe. Without hesitation except to intuitively verify the convoy's speed, position, direction, antl size, rubbing his eyes in disbelief of what he was seeing, Denti immediately turned his boat in the direction of the convoy. On singling out the largest ship, he throttled fast-foreword. Suddenly, a barrage of machine gun and cannon projectiles reached his position, one hitting the top of his head, another wounding his hand antl another his shoulder. Miraculously escaping a direct hit, he brought his boat close to 100 meters. Making sure his little E-boat was in full view of the giant ship he fearlessly pulled the lever of the throttle antl jumped off with his floating cushion. Almost blinded by the continuous fire, nevertheless Denti was able to follow his E-boat with his eyes until it reached the fast-moving corvette full speed ahead. The big blast with its thunderous noise first rocked the ship out the ar. Then, the blast pushed him off his floating cushion. A moment later a burst of hot air rushed over his bloody head forcing him to lower himself momentarily below the surface of the water. As he looked at the ship in flames, Denti could not believe what was happening before his very eyes. Satisfied, he quickly turned and began to swim away from the scene towards shore.

E-boat surface attack