The italian Frogmen

The Undoing of the 10th

Not curiously, Borghese and Denti displayed the exact attributes espoused by the literary movement called futurism. These two were men of action, of movement, always challenging themselves in body and in thought, and guided by a full irnagination that made them think and execute the plans of supermen, fighting the odds against other men and their achines. For Futurism, war meant rejuvenation, advancement, fusion, transcendence, and apotheosis of body and spirit. There was no question of morality other than that of effective morale among the men bound together in units of war (even if a unit was composed of one single man). In their last moments, with defeat surrounding them oppressively, Borghese continued to have his eyes on New York, and Denti continued to scour the waters of the Ligurian Sea in search of targets, always looking for one more daring deed.