The italian Frogmen

The Undoing of the 10th

With the Americans having easily conquered Sicily, the Italian Fascists knew the end was near. In a desperate move, Mussolini, remaining in a cocoon till the very end, ordered the 10th Light Flotilla to stop the advance of the Americans. He vainly thought that a unit of a few frogmen could actually stop antl repel the waters of a tsunami.

Here's how author Andrea Piccinotti described the undoing of his nation: "With the Operation Husky the Americans succeeded in placing a huge amount of materiel and soldiers on Sicilian soil. The Italian Royal Marine quickly counter-attacks by sending all of its submarines. In fewer than 10 days, seven Italian submarines were sunk. On July 25, 1062, Italy signed the Armistice. One of its conditions was to turn aver he whole of the 10th Light Flotilla; its operational equipment was divided among the Allies and the rest was destroyed. Thus, the 10th came tc its inglorious end"

Many Italians ac.ded to the harsh conditions of the Allies; many others just gave up altogether; others still refused tc switch allegiance. Dispirited, the Italians who joined the Allies or hose who remained with the Germans turned out to be ineffective partners.