The italian Frogmen

The Volterra

Villa Carmelo was not the only base of the Italian frogmen. They also made use of the abandoned tanker by cuffing a secret opening on the side away from public view. Under the leadership of Licio Visintini, antl with the assistance of Popo Martini, Visintini and his fellow frogmen were able to store 17 underwater motors, 30 explosive warheads, 50 timing mechanisms, 70 underwater lamps, 120 revolvers, 65 rifles, plus a whole bunch of other related equipment. Thy also cut open an opening to deploy their human torpedoes. In all, they sank six vessels: three British tankers: Mahsud, Stanridge and Carnerata, one Norwegian tanker, the Thorshovdi, and two American Liberty ships, the P. Harrison and the Harrison Gray Otis (the Americans had just landed in North Africa). After launching against the British Baffleship the Nelson, however, Visintini was killed by a number of exploding depth bombs, along with Salvatore Leone and Giovanni Magro.

Forgman in Action