The italian Frogmen

The Volterra

New orders to the 10th required that personnel and ordinance be delivered by land, with the onus being placed more and more on the frogmen's ability to deliver their mines by swimming un-detected to available targets. Such were the cases--in Spain by using Villa Carmela antl the scuttled Italian tanker, the Volterra as secret bases, and in Alexandre. (Skenderun), Turkey by using the office of the Italian Vice-Consulate. The plans were imple: single frogmen acting as civilians would conduct re.nnaissce of targets and would then draw his own lines of attack whichanhe would then execute at night. In this way, they would not run afoul of international diplomacy, especially with regards to Turkey which remained neutral up to a few months before the war ended when she joined the Allies.

Befriended by secret agent Be. Martini and Senora Conchita, Antonio Ramognini and 11 other frogmen--all great swimmers-- usually deployed in the dark of night. They were further hidden by the deep black-waters of the busy Gibraltar By (Bay of Algeciras). Each frogman succeeded in placing his limpet minas on four British merchant ships: the Meta, the Stoma, the Empire Snipe, and the Baron Douglas, and on one freighter, the Raven's Point-all blowing at a pre-designated time.

British Warships at Gibraltar