The italian Frogmen

The Volterra

At La Spezia, meanwhile, Borghese gave orders for more of the same missions. It became clear to him as the war went on that neither the German command nor his Italian military compatriots had understood the meaning of what the 10th had accomplished in Alexandria. The advantages provided by the 10th could only be maintained through continued offensive guerrilla-type actions in the heart of the Mediterranean. It was also clear o him that whoever coMrolled the Mediterranean controlled the European theater of war. And the actions in Turkey, though successful, did not amount to mu.. Real orders for meaningful target never came. Why those orders were not issued continues to be a mystery, except that America had entered the War on the side of the Allies a. against Italy. Suddenly no Italian or German commander was sure about anything.

Borghese was devastated, however, on receiving news that his submarine Scire, with which he had so brilliantly participated in so any heroic battles, was finally sunk by a British navy trawler. The news was also foreboding. Nevertheless, he was a professional soldier and would continue until the end with his missions on behalf of his country.

La Spezia, Itlay