The italian Frogmen

Forgmen in Turkey

Borghese looked into the eyes of Ferraro and he knew that the young frogman would more than do his job. He had no qualms with his frogmen, they had all transcended their individual and national limitations with unparalleled mythical heroism, and those who died did so in glory!

After sending Ferraro oft, Borghese confidently sat at his desk continuing to elaborate on his secret plan to strike New York.

With a limited number of limpet mines, Ferraro swam at night to the ships in the process of loading chromium. He diligently affached his fused-mines to the Greek freighter, Orion, to the British freighter, Kaituna, antl to the Norwegian freighter, Femplant. Having left their port, and several hours out to sea, each ship exploded as planned. The news reached Borghese, much to his satisfaction. Feeling a bit up-lifted, he continued to elaborate his attack on New York.

English Warship york, severly Damaged After the Attack at Suda Bay