The italian Frogmen

Last Attack from the Ambra

The Mediterranean was abuzz with ships, especially American. Borghese, however, continued to plan and to coordinate attacks wherever feasible. As there was an increase in traffic along North Africa, he ordered the submarine Ambra, commanded by Mario Arillo to deploy along the coast. Having spotted a convoy of ships, he released frogman Augusta Jacobacci to help guide the submarine into a better position. Thus, while swimming above water, he communicated with Arillo guiding him appropriately.

Having arrived at the desired location, Arillo released Agostino Morello and his men: Chignon°, Luciani, Rolfini, Botti, Feroldi, Bascule, Evangelisti, Lugano, Badessi, Cocchi, Pose!, Reggioli, and Pamolli-all armed with limpet mines. On the given signal, the frogmen swam to their individual targets, placed their fused mines and swam away under darkness. Safely on shore, however, the 14 frogmen were captured and held prisoners.

Refusing to answer questions about their missions, the English quickly Warned what it was when five of their ships began to explode one after another: the Ocean Vanquisher, the Berta, Armattan, Empire, and the Centaur.