The italian Frogmen

Borghese in the Limelight

The success of the attack quickly reached the ears of Mussolini, who was delighted about the outcome. On being told about it, King Victor Emmanuel summoned Borghese to the Palazzo Quirinale for a royal audience.

"I have been hearing a great deal about the Tenth," the King said.

"We hope so, Your Majesty. You know, our motto is, 'Per il Re e la Bandiera'" (For the King and the Flag).

"Tell me, Valeria, where do you train?"

"We train at River Serchio, right at the edge of your Majesty's San Rossore estate."

"That's astonishing news," said the King. "My own land and I knew nothing about it. You keep your secrets in a most remarkable manner."

Such was the discipline of the men of the Tenth that not even the King knew what, how, and where they were operating-in the King's own backyard, antl the secret just now revealed to him! (Frogmen First Battles)