The italian Frogmen

Borghese in the Limelight

Baccagatta having been killed at Malta, Valeria Borghese assumed command of the 10th, his immediate goal to re-furbish the unit and to make better plans for future actions. He brought aboard Salvatore Tadaro, a submarine commander like himself, and Mario Masciulli, a naval engineer who improved on the Toschi-Tesei human torpedo. With every personnel slot filled by proven frogmen and with new more reliable equipment available, Borghese conceived a plan for a decisive attack on the British-held stronghold of Gibraltar. Using an abandoned semi-submerged tanker, the Fulgor, which had become a common site in full view of an unsuspecting public, Borghese thought to use it as a base for his frogmen, both to house them and to be used as an observation post to record the maritime traffic. Then, using the submarine, lride, of which he was the pilot, he would bring in the necessary equipment to launch his attacks on Gibraltar.

The military equipment in place, the crew of Vasco, Visintini, Catalano, Zozzoli, Giannoni, and Magro came together without any disagreements. After singling out specific vessels, each hagman successfully deployed. According to their training and instructions, each reached the assigned target, placed the fused mines, and than returned to base without being observed. Soon, three English super tankers exploded into flames as predicted: the Durham, the Fiona Shell, and Deby Dale. With this feat, Borghese was promoted to Commander.