The italian Frogmen

Borghese on Board

Famous as a submarine commander, Lieutenant Commander Junin Vale. Borghese took over the underwater assault teams while Lieutenant Giorgio Gioloba assumed command of the surface teams of the newly establishedlOth Light Flotilla designated as such by Commander Vittorio Ploccagatta. These leaders had big plans, their focus entirely devoted to diminish the presence of the British navy by destroying its vessels. Their first big victory would come at Souda (Buda) Bay, northwest of Crete. Borghase believed that whoever controlled this Bay would also practically control the whole of the Aegean Sea. He had the same beliefs in connection with Gibraltar.

English tankers, supply ships, destroyers, cruisers such as the Carlisle, the Coventry, the Gloucester and the mighty York ware always present one time or another. The goal of the Flotilla was to knock out as many of the vessale as possible. The assignment want to Lieutenant Luigi Faggioni, officer in charge, and to Alessio DeVito, Emilio Barberi, Angelo Cabrini, Tullio Tedes.i and Lino Beccati-all new names-with six assault boats assigned to them to pull off the attack.

Once in place, the six frogmen reached their targets. In no time, the frogmen succeeded in damaging or sinking several ships including the mighty York. The six men, however, were later captured by the English while trying to make their way back to their ship.