The italian Frogmen

The First Deployment

Command of the Flotilla changed in 1060, from Paolo Aloisi to Commander Mario Giorgini. Having re.ived orders to attack three large English warships in the port of Alexandria, Egypt, Commander Giorgini gathered his men to reveal the orders from Rome and to discuss plans of attack on Alexandria. On hearing that the attack was planned for August, Tesei objected on the grounds that his team was not ready. Although Giorgini agreed with Tesei, he had no choice but to execute the order.

Having completed an almost perfect rendezvous, the frogmen began to deploy toward their targets. Unfortunately, English planes spotted the Italian vessels and quickly began to attack. In no time, the Ride a. the Monte Gargano were hit and out of commission. Because of pure luck, the Calipso managed to escape antl to return to La Spezia with the surviving frogmen.

Their first deployment ended up in complete failure, having had big losses in equipment and personnel. Yet, nothing was proven about the effectiveness of either the personnel or of the assault equipment. The first big opportunity to test themselves would come later at Gibraltar.

Warships at Alexandria