The italian Frogmen

The Experiments of Toschi and Tesei

The Flat. was established pursuant to the exceptional positive results of Toschi a. Tesei. Admiral Falangola antlered the establishment of the unit and appointed Paolo Aloisi as its first commander. Aloisi in turn summoned Guido Cattaneo, an expert in naval engineering, to continue to improve the efficiency of the existing weapons and to introduce other weaponry as well. The mission was soon enlarged to provide technical and operational training for future frogmen to man their secret assault weapons.

The human torpedoes of Toschi-Tesei became more deadly and dependable.

Several types of (Explosive) E-boats became operational. They were known as the MA (Motoscafo crAssalto) along with the MAT (Motoscafo AA o Trasportato), the MTM (Motoscafo Turismo Migliorato/Modificato), the MTR (Motoscafo Turismo Ridorto), a. the MTRM (Motoscafo Turisrno Ridotto Modificato).

Four models of the small CA (Caproni-type) submarine designed for a .o-man crew with two torpedoes also became operational. Mines such as the Leech and the Limpet became available in large quantities. These mines were designed to be deployed by frogmen capable of swimming long distances in daylight and at night and to attach these mines on unsuspecting vessels. From Left: Teseo Tesei and Elios Tschi

From Left: Teseo Tesei and Elios Tschi