The italian Frogmen

The Naval Base of LaSpezia

"New mining devices. If possible, a new one-man weapon of some sort. In other words, let your imaginations run free, and follow wherever they lead."

"The overall command for this program will go to Commander Catalano Gonzaga of the submarine flotilla. You all know each other, and he will work well with you. Other men of ideas will shortly be joining you-Lieutenants Franzini and Stefani, Midshipman Centurions, Guido Cattaneo for mechanical engineering, Commander Giorgis for construction."

"You will find that the Duke of Aosta has thoughts about linking your torpedo with air transportation for attacking distant harbors. His brother, the Duke of Spoleto, has proposals to offer about making a new explosive motorboat. These are good antl loyal men-listen to their ideas. Perhaps you can blend them with your own."

Falangola did not talk about the fact that, like many other Italians, he knew that Italy was weak in more ways than one. Militarily, Italy was out of competition in contrast to nations like Fran. and England, and to Germany which suddenly had become a real powerhouse. Italy had to compensate with something different, something new, and he saw an answer in LaSpezia.