The italian Frogmen

The Naval Base of LaSpezia

"Equipped with long-range underwater breathing gear, the operators will be able, without any connection whatsoever with the surface, to breathe and navigate underwater at any depths up to 100 feet and carry a powerful explosive charge into an enemy harbor. Being utterly invisible and beyond the reach of the most sensitive acoustic detector, they will be able to operate in the interior of the harbor till they find the keel of a large ship, fashion the charge to it, and thus insure an explosion which will sink the vessel."

"We felt a thrill of delight in the dark depths of the sea, where our tiny human-torpedo was behaving so obediently [to our Commands]," Toschi revealed in a conversation with P. J. Carosella."

Supermarina Admiral Falangola, however, warned Toschi and Tesei on the need for secrecy while urging them to develop and test other similar devices:

"...there will be many days when you're absent from these parts, hundreds of miles away. Fortunately, though, orders will be arranged returning you to La Spezia more and more frequently as time goes on. And whenever you're back here, you will be working undisturbed on your special program. We expect you to develop still other assault weapons-not just the improved Mignatta. New torpedo boats, for example."