The italian Frogmen

Italy Tenuous Role Under Mussolini

On December 11, 1941, Italy declared war on America.

In July 1943, the Allies conquered Sicily-a prelude to Mussolini's demise.

On July 24, he was deposed by his very own black shirts together with King Victor Emmanuel. Mussolini was jailed but freed by his faithful ally, Adolf Hitler, who helped him in establishing a new provisional government at Salo.

With Floren. being liberated on August 1.15, Mussolini, realizing his tenuous position as II Duce, fled Switzerland with his mistress, Clara Petacci. Both were captured a. executed outside of Milan.

All indications are that in his better years, Mussolini supported the activities of the 10th Light Flotilla. Even after he was deposed, Mussolini summoned two of his more .mous frogmen to brief him at Sale.