The italian Frogmen

Italy and Fascism

With this Treaty, Mussolini accomplished four hings:

1. He established papal sovereignty in Rome.

2. He regulated the position of the Church.

3. He compensated the Vatican for territories lost to the central government.

4. He neutralized the Vatican's control of its catholic followers.

The latter was perhaps the most important accomplishment in Mat Mussolini practically neutralized the church's prelates and silenced the Vatican's voice in Italy and elsewhere when it came to sounding off on politics. In Germany, Catholicism quickly became marginalized.

To make sure that Fascism gained complete roots within the population, Mussolini instituted several programs that amalgamate the people into one solid obeying group.

1. He created pre-school programs in which children received a hot meal as well as instruction on Fascism. The Duce became the object of their songs.

The Vatican-Rome, Italy