The italian Frogmen

Benito Mussolini, The Unlikely Duce

In many ways, Beni. Mussolini (II Duce).Commandeered Italy's history beginning with his 1922 march on Rome to protest against the existing ineffective government. Though he did not personally walk the route, the self-educated Mussolini took pictures with his Fascist Black-shirt supporters. A socialist in upbringing, Mussolini not only created the Fascist salute which was taken over by Nazi Germany, but also created the definition of Fascism, his political ideology rooted in ancient Rome with its binding fasces of bringing together various disparate items into one homogenous bundle—not et pluribus unum (one from many parts) but, plures in units (all into one, wherein the identity of the individual is amalgamated into that of one state). Not capitalism, with the emphasis on the heads of named identifiable individuals, but socialism with the emphasis primarily on the government as a state.

Politically perspicacious, Mussolini created Fascism and he can rightly claim fatherhood of this ideology. In Germany, Hitler took over its basic structure and created Nazism. Thusly, directly or other wise, the two nations and their leaders came together into a tragic symbiosis against a backdrop of events that forebode a grim future. Hitler by far and Mussolini the pretender subjugated the human being in their guest to fulfill their political agendas of perfidious personal grandeur.