The italian Frogmen

The Armistice of World War I

Mussolini maintained a neutral stance in the .ce of hostilities among Germany, France, England, the United States a. Russia. But, on seeing Hitler amassing military victories one after nother, and secretly believing that sooner rather han later Italy would also become a target of Germany, Mussolini, who otherwise disliked Hitler, logically became an ally out of necessity. Among the many observations Mussolini is said to have made, one is that he believed that the secret to military success was in a strong nary—an admission that belied obvious weakness. However, if Italy left any military mark on the world scene, it would be the naval accomplishments of its 10th Light Flotilla, which launched a new type of underwater guerrilla warfare made possible by its daring and heroic frogmen.

Just After the Signing of the Armistice