The italian Frogmen

The Armistice of World War I

Unfortunately, with the advent of World War II, Italy found itself once again on the side of Germany, and once again having to change side midstream. With the rebirth of national imperialism in which Italy launched various wars in Africa, its military weakness showed in its invasion of Greece, whose inferior Greek Force routed the superior but hapless Italians.

Benito Mussolini was IMly's prime figure from the end of World War I up to end of World War II. A socialist, he is the father of Fascism and of Nazism—its offshoot. Mussolini unrealistically believed in establishing a second Roman Empire, with Rome at its center. Nationalistic in every sense of the word, he was also imperialistic as shown by his failed military enterprises in Africa. His rationale was simple: if England, Fran., Portugal, Spain, Holland and others had established colonies in Africa, why should Italy not do likewise? Why should not Germany do likewise? The problem was that while the other nations, especially Germany, were strong in all kinds of resources, Italy was weak in every respect except for the adaptive intelligence of its people.

Just After the Signing of the Armistice