The italian Frogmen


In traditional naval warfare up to 1915, no one dreamed of the possibilities that single individuals, later to be known as frogmen, could sink mighty battleships almost entirely on their own personal strength employing rudimentary type weaponry.

In this course we will recount how the tactics for ...avatar guerrilla warfare came about during World War I, why pursuant to that war it was abandoned, and why it was secretly resumed and developed into an effective force during World War II during the time of Valeria Borghese, its commanding officer. Much of the credit for this development goes to the Italian Light Flotilla, which later came to be known as the 10th Light Flotilla—Decirna. Today, just about every important nation has contingencies repli.ting the structure, Marks, and weaponry developed by the men of the famous.


Cover from the book grogmen First Battles