The Neapolitan Song Five Great Singers

The Neapolitan Song Song 12 - Santa Lucia luntane

The passengers, regardless of where their homes were, are all Neapolitans once on board. Even the moon takes pity upon these immigrants, and with her rays she offers them a last glance at Naples.


The ships are leaving for lands far away. They sing on board they are Neapolitan. They sing while the bay disappears and the moon, above the sea, lets them see a glimpse of Naples.


Partono 'e bastimente pe' terre assaje luntane. Càntano a buordo: só' Napulitane! Cantano pe' tramente 'o golfo già scumpare, e 'a luna, 'a miez'ó mare, nu poco 'e Napule lle fa vedé.